Customer Service Model

Participant Support Services

Our customer service model is based on the following underlying principals:

Dedicated Staff

Each customer is assigned specific individuals who are dedicated to the relationship and highly trained on all aspects of the work. CDS invests in training to ensure that each staff member is highly versed in plan documents, SPDs and detailed policies and procedures.

Participant Convenience

CDS will provide a dedicated, Fund specific, toll-free number for each customer. CDS staff will answer the line by the third ring as we do not utilize automated attendants or other types of phone trees.


We believe that technology can supplement, but never replace, personal interaction with our customers. As such, we provide a secure Participant Web Portal so that members can access their information online if desired. However, participants are always encouraged to call our team at any point.

Ongoing Monitoring and Feedback

All of our phone calls are recorded for quality assurance purposes. These calls are audited on a monthly basis and feedback is provided to team members.

It has always been our view that customer service is the most important part of our work. We train extensively on customer service and we hire individuals with the ability to effectively interact with our members.