Our Values

CDS' mission is to provide peace of mind to our customers as they navigate the complexities of their group benefits.

We seek to accomplish this mission by committing to the following values:

1.  EXCELLENCE:  we will strive to do everything to the absolute best of our individual and collective abilities.

2.  SERVANT'S HEART:  we will put the needs of others (customers, colleagues, community) ahead of our own.

3.  ACCOUNTABILITY:  we will commit to specific performance metrics and hold ourselves accountable for achievement of these objectives.

4.  DEVELOPMENT:  we will commit to the ongoing development of all our employees as they are our most important resource.

5.  TRANSPARENCY:  we will conduct all our dealings in a transparent and honest manner- we will ‘proceed as if in sunlight’ in all we do.

Our Commitments

Our commitments are simple:

  1. We will always put the needs of our customers and their participants ahead of our own.
  2. We will speak clearly and honestly as to our capabilities and intent.
  3. We will own up to and fix any problems that we encounter.

We measure success in 'decades served' for our customers.