Risk Arrangements Hospitals & Health Systems

A Full Complement of Back Office Services

We will help those looking to assume risk arrangements for hospitals & health systems, CDS is able to provide a full complement of back office services to meet your needs. 

  • Customer Service: our highly trained team is dedicated to individual customers so that they can be fully versed in the needs of each plan.  CDS does not utilize phone trees or automated attendants, which means that a trained member of our team answers the phone live by the third ring.
  • Claims Adjudication: our claims team has been adjudicating medical, vision, dental, life and disability claims for the past 30 years.  They are well versed in all aspects of this work.  We also integrate customer service with adjudication, which means that staff answering the phones are well versed in the work.
  • Eligibility Management: CDS will manage eligibility on a daily basis to ensure that payments are appropriate.
  • COBRA: we will manage all aspects of COBRA.

Our back-office support can help hospitals with direct employer contracting, internal employee network management and full risk arrangements.